Date:  March 30, 2017  

<p><font size="3" color="#0000FF"><center><b></center>ATTENTION VFC PROVIDERS:</b></center> <DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> Vaccine Shortage of Pentacel vaccine is now over. <b>

<font size="3" color="#0000FF"><center><b></center><br>ATTENTION LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS:</b></center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> Please click on the link below if you wish to begin submitting vaccinations electronically to the registry in HL7 format:<font size="4"color="#FF0000><center></b></font size="3"color=#2E2EFE"><center><a href="">Click Here</a></center><font size="3" color=#2E2EFEhttps://<font size="3" color="#0000FF"><b></b>

<p><font size="5" color="#0000FF"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS</b</center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY>The 888-558-1941 is no longer a good fax number for Immunizations to fax temp logs.The new number is 304-957-7591. Please still use the main fax number 304-558-6335 or for SIIS 304-558-1899 for other things you need to fax to us. Thank you. <![endif]-->

<p><font size="3" color="#ff0000"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS:</b></center></font><br> <font size= "3" color="#ff0000"><center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> Attention All Providers: We are going to do weekly maintenance on the registry (IWeb and PHCHUB) each Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. Please try to plan data submissions to avoid this time. <font size="4"color="#FF0000><center></b></font size="3"color=#2E2EFE"><center>
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