Date:  September 19, 2017  

<p><font size="5" color="#0000FF"><center><b>ATTENTION VFC Providers </b></center> The FLU Vaccine is now available <b>in limited amounts</b>. Please place orders only in the amounts needed until the next month’s ordering cycle. Also, the VIS for 2017-2018 flu season is the same one as the last 2 years. <![endif]--> </font> <!--[if gt IE 7]><center> You are using a browser that is compatible with this website. <![endif]-->

<font size="3" color="#0000FF"><center><b></center><br>ATTENTION PROVIDERS:</b></center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> The upcoming 2017 WVSIIS/ MANDATORY VFC User Group Meetings will be held at the following locations:<DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> October 2nd - Wheeling RESA VI- 30 G. C. & P. Road, Wheeling<DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> October 3rd - Clarksburg RESA VII- 1201 N. 15th Street, Clarksburg <DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY>October 4th - Martinsburg Berkley County Health Department- 122 Waverly Ct., Martinsburg<DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> October 5th - Elkins, Randolph County DHHR - 1017 N. Randolph Ave. Elkins<DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY>October 11th - RESA II Huntington - 2001 McCoy Road, Huntington<DIV ALIGN= JUSTIFY>October 17th - Beckley RESA I- 400 Neville Street, Beckley<DIV ALIGN= JUSTIFY> &#42 10:00AM or 1:00PM sessions are available. Lunch will be provided at noon.<center><b>Please click on the link below to register: <font size="4"color="#FF0000><center></b></font size="3"color=#2E2EFE"><center><a href="">Click Here and please include your VFC PIN NUMBER so we will can verify your facility</a></center> <font size="3" color=#2E2EFE>DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd,2017

<p><font size="3" color="#ff0000"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS:</b></center></font><br> <font size= "3" color="#ff0000"><center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> Attention All Providers: We are going to do weekly maintenance on the registry (IWeb and PHCHUB) each Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. Please try to plan data submissions to avoid this time. <font size="4"color="#FF0000><center></b></font size="3"color=#2E2EFE"><center>

<font size="3" color="#2a5191"><center><b><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="6">ATTENTION!! -------Please Read-------ATTENTION!! -------Later this year WVSIIS will be changing to a single sign on application. This means that everyone's password will be reset! Please read the document in document center, under the heading "SSO update to IIS", titled "Update Email address". This will allow you to update your own password once we go live with single sign on. </marquee></center></b>
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