Date:  January 16, 2022  

<p><font size="3" color="#ff0000"><center><b>ATTENTION VFC PROVIDERS:</b></center> <DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> Please be aware that as of now patients phone numbers are required on the patient demographics page within the WV Statewide Immunization Information System (SIIS). Thank you.

<p><font size="4" color="#0000FF"><center><b><br>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS:</b> <DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> If your practice has users who have left and their login is still active with the immunization registry, please contact the immunization registry so we can deactivate their access to the immunization registry. Thank you. <b>

<font size="3" color=" #a82407 "><center><b>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS: TO ENTER MODERNA HALF DOSES</b></center> </font><br> <font size="3" color=" #0709a8 "> <OL TYPE="1"> <li> Search for a patient</li> <li> Click on the patients name to view their demographics.</li> <li> You will see Vaccinations is now enabled in the menu bar.</li> <li> Click View/Add.</li> <li> You are taken to the Vaccination View/Add screen.</li> <li> To add a vaccination, find the vaccine in the list displayed on the screen or use the drop down list at the bottom of the screen to locate the vaccine </li> <li> Enter the date the vaccine was given. </li> <li> Once you enter the date, move to the bottom of the screen, and click add administration. </li> <li> You are taken to the Vaccination Detail Add screen. </li> <li> Use the Dose Size Drop down menu to select, either Double, Full, Half, or Triple. </li> <li> Click Save. </li> </ol> <b>NOTE:</b> you will get an alert when you click save and you should verify half is still selected in the dose drop down. </font>

<center><b><font size="3" color="#2a5191"><b>ATTENTION!! -------Please Read-------ATTENTION!! </font></b</center> <br> WVSIIS will be implementing a single sign on this year , there are still many users with no Email address. Please read the document in document center, under the heading "SSO update to IIS", titled "Update Email address". This document will show you where to add an email address. If you don't have an email address, then please add one. Without an email address you will be locked out of your account and won't be able to get back in until there is an email address attached to your account. This will also allow you to update your own password once we go live with single sign on.</center></b>

<p><font size="3" color="#FF0000"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL VFC PROVIDERS:</b></center></font> <br> <font size="3">There is a new meningococcal conjugate vaccine by the name of MenQuadfi which is now available for ordering through the VFC Program. MenQuadfi is interchangeable with other MenACWY (Menactra and Menveo) although it is recommended, but not required, to use the same vaccine all doses for an individual. For more information see <a href=>MenQuadfi information</a><font>

<p><font size="5" color="#006622"><center><b>Attention ordering providers:</b></center></font> <br> <p><font size="4" color="#006622"><center><b>Below find the COVID19 Vaccine formulations</b> </center></font> <br> <p><font size="3" <p> Moderna - covid-19 mRNA, LNP-S PF 100 mcg/0.5ml><br> <p> Pfizer - COVID-19, mRNA, LNP-S, PF, 30 mcg/0.3 mL dose><br> <p> AstraZeneca - COVID-19 vaccine, vector-nr, rSChAdOx1, PF, 0.5 mL><br> <p>Janssen - COVID-19 vaccine, vector-nr, rSAd26, PF, 0.5 mL><br> <p> Novavax - COVID-19 vaccine, Subunit, rSnanoparticle+Matrix-M1 Adjuvant, PF, 0.5 mL</font>
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